Our Community Impact Partnerships

The "Community Impact Model" for community change is centered around the idea that we can accomplish much more when we work together on a common issue then we could ever accomplish separately.  It is United Way's role to mobilize organizations, businesses, and volunteers around the identified health and human service needs to improve the quality of life in our area. We accomplish this by working with local partners to provide programming, outreach, and education in our diverse communities. 

In 2018/2019 our Community Impact Initiative Partners included:
The Boys and Girls Club of Stephenson County
YMCA Children's Center
Stephenson County Public Health Foundation through the AOK Network
Career Tec
FHN Foundation in partnership with Salvation Army and NICAA Senior Services
Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois

In 2019/2020 with the expansion of our Community Impact Models the intitatives now include partners:
Voices of Stephenson County
Contact of Northern Illinois
Senior Resource Center
Sojourn House
Tyler's Justice Center
Freeport Art Museum in partnership with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club

It's thanks to you, our Donor's, that we are able to continue to provide support to the changing needs of our community through our Community Impact Initiatives.